More Watch Dogs Wonderment: Furious Batman-esque Vigilantes, Balls-Out Action and a Release Date (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - May 1, 2013

Ah, Watch Dogs. You continue to beguile us with these occasional glimpses into your technology-tastic futuristic Chicago. Much like Katy Perry and her interminable cleavage shows. How long until this charade ends, in a glorious cascade of molten enjoyment and revelation?

Well, many months, if the newly-bestowed November 21st release date is to be believed. For the game, that is; this isn't the day upon which Miss Perry will show us her mighty, unbridled chesticles at last. Or it may be, but that'd be entirely coincidental; not a peculiar PR stunt for Watch Dogs or anything of that nature. Not that a tattoo of the title's slogan across her boobs would go amiss, advertising guys.

He's got no pants on under that trenchcoat. Just like pervy Uncle Tony, bless his smutty soul.

In this latest trailer, protagonist Aiden Pearce shows both his action hero badassery credentials and his vigilante motives. The death of a thus-far-undisclosed loved one (family member? Friend? Incontinent pet chihuahua?) has sent him on a semi-righteous revenge mission in the city, apprehending villains whilst... generally tearing shit right up himself. He's the kind of anti-hero that isn't averse to propelling bullets into gonads at high velocity, should the need arise.

Remember Batman's piss-takery of his imitators in The Dark Knight ("I'm not wearin' hockey pads")? We're sure to be taking a role much like that of those guys here, and it's already looking to be one of the most compelling gaming offerings of 2013.

At the end of the above, take a look at the upcoming special edition.

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