Capcom Hit Us With More Damn ‘Resident Evil’ Rereleases For the Series’ Twentieth Anniversary

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chris-littlechild - February 27, 2016

2016, if you didn't know, marks the twentieth anniversary of Resident Evil. The 1996 original was a big freaking deal, the birth of survival horror as we know it, and everything has exploded since then.

Six main series titles later, we've blasted the gonads off of all manner of ghastly-ass monsters. We've solved more goddamn puzzles involving emblems and square-shaped cranks then I care to mention. We've cringed at ballachingly bad one-liners and other cheesy dialogue (it was a huge snake… and also… POISONOUS!) until enough was freaking enough. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

There's a legacy there, is what I'm getting at. So the question was, how were Capcom planning to celebrate the anniversary? We've already seen Umbrella Corps, a spangly new multiplayer TPS set in stages from throughout the games (with zombies-amundo wandering through them, natch). That's coming in May. But that alone won't cut it. After all, remember how shit the similar Operation Raccoon City was? I do too.

Yesterday, Capcom revealed another way they're celebrating the milestone. Throughout the year, Evils 4 to 6 will be rereleased on current gen systems, joining the recently-remastered prequel, Zero, and the first game. Is this my-nostalgia-sense-is-tingling trailer enough to tempt you into falling for the cash-cowery and buying these again?

Being the tricksy bastards they are, the games are going to hit in a weird order. Resident Evil 6 arrives first, on March 29, followed by 5 in the Summer and 4 in the Fall.

Via Kotaku.

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