More Lia Marie Johnson Buxom Swimsuit Peeks

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bill-swift - January 26, 2016

We now have an extended look at the swimsuit shoot of Lia Marie Johnson with photograph Vitaly Kibenko in one piece tight low cut bathing suits along the shoreline. Lia Marie is sweeping social media by storm both with her upbeat charms and advice for girls, and up top charms of the big bold funbags for the males of the species. That's a two pronged stepping stone to success in this modern digital age.

Lia's body in a swimsuit is the kind of visual wonderment that begs to see her in a bikini. Naturally those buxom bikini shots will beg to see her without the bikini on. But slow down, my Padawan oglers. All in good time. When those hefty sweet melons are finally revealed, you want to make sure your training is complete. Or at least you've remembered to lay down the plastic sheeting. An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. Ready when you are, Lia. Greatness isn't granted, it's achieved. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vitaly Kibenko

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