More Kate Hudson Bikinis For Shape (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 23, 2016

Kate Hudson must be the proudest MILFtastic on the planet of late, her strict workout and health routines turning the hot mommy into one dedicated show off still vital and tingle inducing woman. Kate recently was the covergirl for Shape magazine, discussing her exercise regimen and showing off the clear benefits. Now peeking at Kate behind the scenes of her magazine shoot, you get a much better idea what it might be like to have a slender 30-something blonde sextastic mom with tons of energy and allure popping in and out of your swimming pool.

Kate is experiencing something of a renaissance of late, a bolder, brighter, and typically more braless thespianic and model, she's setting the gold standard for bronzed Brentwood moms who are still more than holding their own in the lust creation department. She seems like a very fun weekend vacation partner. Or staycation. Save some money and I just did my Spring linen cleaning down at the laundromat. I'd shop organic produce for you, Kate. Totally worth the three-hundred percent markup. Easy on the peaches though. Daddy's not made of cash. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Shape Magazine