More Josephine Skriver Hotness For Marie Claire Italy

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bill-swift - April 21, 2016

If you didn't fall madly in lust with Jospehine Skriver from yesterdays first pass at her Marie Claire Italy sheer outfits on the beach spread, part deux is clearly going to throw you into a state of purely blissful catatonia. The Danish Victoria's Secret model and uber-sextastic barely there clothing model added that many more leers of passion inducement in barely covered tops and see-through diaphanous gowns as you often dress when rolling around in the wet sand along the shore. It should be a law in the least for the world's hottest women.

Josephine Skriver is using her V.S. lingerie work as a foundation to branch out into a wide away of super ogle worthy pictorial ventures. Very clever, ridiculously good looking women are a danger to the general peace of our bobos. That is a good thing. Check out her work herein and you'll realize it's a very good thing. Consider locking the door, your parents pay for your basement apartment, they shouldn't have to see what you're doing in it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire Italy