More Eva Longoria Tiny Bikini Adventures In Spain!

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bill-swift - July 4, 2015

I'm pretty certain Eva Longoria is bringing out progressively smaller bikinis on her vacation with boyfriend to Spain. Being in Europe, she can go even tinier if she likes without fear or being hustled off the beach or arrested for fear of compromising the future of children who do become axe murderers at the sight of topless beautiful women. 

Eva is firmly ensconced in the Forties and Faptastic club as of this past March, following a ceremony in which I intermittently wept and moaned over pictures of her hotness from the past decade. It was a touching tribute I felt. Eva did not attend. Apparently showing off for the masses in her little bright colored bikinis was deemed more important. And if I'm not being selfish, it really is more important. I'm not again sharing Eva with the rest of the world. I say hypothetically. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash