Monica Cruz Multiple Bikinis Hot Mom Peeks in Spain

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bill-swift - August 18, 2017

Monica Cruz, younger sister of Penelope and an Iberian hottie in her own right, recently joined the Forties and Faptastic contingent here on Egotastic, with evidence of her passion inducement visible in her various colored bikinis slipped into and out of in her home country beach vacation.

Being the younger sibling always comes at a price of fame and recognition, but Monica Cruz has maintained her presence in the spotlight and ogling gentleman leers more than enough to make everybody look forward to her next show of skin. Such as this boobtastic and asstastic veteran hottie bikini prance across the beach. Moms simply do it better. Especially that part where the bottoms get stuck in the happy places.

Monica, you keep doing your thing in hardly any clothing and we'll keep doing our thing in hardly any clothing staring at your sweet curves. You don't need to live up to your older sister, simply strip down to our level. Bare necessities and all. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid