Baltimore Ravens Flipping Out in the Monday Night Football Doubleheader Roundup

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michael-garcia - September 12, 2012

I don't know what was going in Baltimore, but a bunch of Ravens kept landing on their heads during that game last night. Joe Flacco looked in total control, better than I've ever seen, and the Bengals are once again the Bengals. Of course you should never overreact one way or the other after the first week of the NFL season, but Cincinnati didn't look like the improved team from last year. The Ravens freaking rolled the Bengals, 44-13, and Baltimore looked impressive doing it.

Across the country, San Diego got out of Oakland with a win because the Raiders' special teams were atrocious. They lost their long snapper early on and all hell broke loose on every punt afterwards. San Diego's Nate Kaeding accounted for 16 of the Chargers' 22 points with 5 field goals and an extra point. A win's a win, but San Diego needs to get touchdowns. The best pic of the night was two Raider fans brawling and the photographer getting a great shot of one guy's mouth getting smashed. Raider fans!

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