Molly Sims Booty Fine Bikini Vacation Continues Down Cabo Way

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bill-swift - December 27, 2013

You can take the model out of modeling, but you can't take the booty out of the model. Or something like that. Even in her new role as PTA type mom, and even covered up in her obligatory Hollywood lady big hats and sunglasses during daylight hours when within twenty latitudes of the equator, you can't hide that Molly Sims model booty from the rest of the world. All the better when it's dripping wet from the pool, as it ever is in our minds.

As always, we give thanks for the veteran hotties, moms especially, who maintain the righteous visuals for our gentleman ogling pastime. Sure it's always nice to see the young ladies, but the experienced MILFs with their still toned suburban maternal bodies hitting their sexual peak? Well, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that (and everything right). Enjoy.