Molly Sims Bikini Pictures Show No Signs of Slowing Hotness Near Forty

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bill-swift - April 3, 2013

40 is  the new 30, or something like that said by people who never took the time to understand just how hot women get when they earn veteran sextastic status. We've known it all along because we've made such matters our life's work. We know that Molly Sims turning 40 in just a few weeks is just another stepping stone along her career of being good looking and looking good in a bikini.

Caught down Cabo way by our ever roaming telescopic cameras, Molly Sims exhibited some quite nice MILFy reveals of her vacationing bikini happy visual time and we ate it up with a spork. Gotta use the spork when you want to both scoop and poke. Enjoy.