Models Hailey Clauson, Rocky Barnes, Jenah Yamamoto and Joy Corrigan Bikini Beach Party

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aldo-vallon - July 25, 2017

In what far away mythical land do women of this caliber prance around so scantily clad? For my own sanity, I refuse to believe such a place exists. The only time women who look that sexy can be allowed to congregate in such numbers is in my most far-fetched fantasy. I refuse to believe unicorns and leprechauns have not been photoshopped out of the scene, and I intend to put my best men on the case to bust this myth of the land of milk and honey’s once and for all.  

The amount of talent they have accumulated in those waters is equivalent to The Avengers teaming up to take down whatever plot the most recent super villain has cooked up. I think this super villain is named Professor Impotence. He was never included in the comics because the editors thought it would be too terrifying for kids to be subjected to. And back then even the most powerful models had not discovered his weakness. But thankfully a few decades later we have a new team of heroines that are more than fit for the fight. And oh how fit they are. I love a girl who understands the importance of squats.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News