Model Samantha Hoopes Poses On The Beach During Miami’s Art Basel

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aldo-vallon - December 8, 2017

 I am a little confused, is Samantha Hoopes a spectator at this art show, or is she one of the art pieces on display? I will admit that there is nothing more modern or contemporary than her body, so it seems as though she meets the basic qualifications. I cannot think of any other qualifiers for something to be considered art, therefor if I was organizing the event I would give her a pass. Compared to some of the other pieces that are bound to be sharing the space, I am sure that I would welcome something that is objectively beautiful. 

That dress fits her body so snugly that I needed to double check that it was not painted on. When you have proportions as pronounced as Samantha's I would bet that most dresses are snug. I would like to see her try and pull a Chris Farley by stretching and tearing it all the way down. Now that would be the way to make a wardrobe change in style. It would be expensive to be sure, but can you really put a price on cool?   

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA