Model Draya Michelle Flaunts Her Amazing Body In Must-See Swimsuit Candids

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aldo-vallon - September 9, 2018

From the right angle, the style of Draya Michele’s swimsuit makes it look like she is 69-ing a black starfish. Now, I do not know if black starfish exist—I’m not a marine biologist—but out of all the aquatic animals, I think starfish are your best bet at a successful encounter.

Your gut instinct may be to go with the octopus or squid because of their long tensile limbs, but you would be wrong. Neither octopi nor squids have lips. They cannot get any suction, and we all know that suction is key. No one wants a beak nipping around down by their valuables. The stakes are too high.

A starfish though, they have so many suckers on them that any lady would consider herself lucky to meet one of that size. They probably would not even expect you to return the favor. They seem like very selfless lovers.

My lawyer is telling me that I need to make a disclaimer. Neither I nor anyone else at Egotastic endorses having sexual relations with aquatic animals. Even if it is not against the law where you live, it is still a great risk to your health. Just use a Jacuzzi like everybody else.


Photo Credit: MEGA