Mischa Barton’s ‘Roofie’ Explanation Has Some Holes

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Lex Jurgen - February 9, 2017

After Mischa Barton was hauled away from her own home half naked and screaming nonsensical crap over her back fence, her publicists got into a tiny room and concocted a statement Barton issued about being slipped a date rape drug when out for drinks with friends. Pretty topical. Date rape. Barton used the occasion to remind women to keep their eyes on the drinks when out at bars. Always thinking of others.

TMZ naturally released the 911 calls of the incident from concerned neighbors, including Barton's adjoining back fence neighbor who states that the cops are out there every few months to deal with her. Either Barton's got some really bad odds with her cocktails being drugged, or she was lying. Her previous 5150 hold becomes somewhat relevant.

You can't really blame a girl, and the people who feed off that girl, for not wanting to cop to a serious bout of mental illness. It's certainly not going to escalate you to the top of hiring lists. You're not flying nuclear bombers, you're shooting TV shows. You can be crazy and get the job done. Half the cast is flying on some doctor prescribed medications. The other half needs it.

This is the time when somebody in Barton's circle recommends building a bigger fence.

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