Mischa Barton: Still Sexy, Still Useless

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bill-swift - February 24, 2009

Mischa Barton is still trying her darndest to be relevant, but I'm not buying it. And despite her best efforts, and some new sexy pictures in the March issue of FHM magazine, I don't think the Brits will buy it either. America got tired of her, so she's giving it a shot across the pong, but even a Mischa Barton topless scene couldn't get her movie into theatres, so I'm really not sure what a magazine spread will do, but you gotta love Mischa for trying. Well, love, or pity. I always get those confused. Anyways, we'll keep our eye on her, because sooner or later we'll see her naked again, but until then, she's just coming off a little desperate.