Mischa Barton’s Bikini Makes a Lot of Money

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bill-swift - August 15, 2006

I went to Autralia for month a last year, and I didn't make any money. Mischa Barton went to Australia for a week and made $700,000. Yup, that's $100,000 per day. I did the math. And the best/worst part of it is that she made $500,000 of that by lounging about a fancy house in a bikini for a few hours, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Hollywood starlet Mischa Barton has earned more than $100,000 a day for partying and playing dress-up during her six days in Australia. On Friday alone, she pocketed an estimated $500,000 for lolling about one of Sydney's most lavish homes during a top-secret advertising shoot.

The film and television star and international style icon was shooting a television advertising campaign for gossip magazine Famous. Dressed in a yellow string bikini and a sarong-style slip, Barton enjoyed the multi-million-dollar views.

Today, she's more famous for her fashion sense, which is why David Jones paid an estimated $200,000 to bring her to Australia. On top of the estimated $700,000 she has earned, Barton, will also take home about $100,000 worth of designer frocks and accessories.

Not bad for a week few days of "work." And top it all off with a free trip to Australia, no less. Now that's what I call a perk. And speaking of perks, there are more Mischa Barton bikini pictures from her commercial shoot after the jump.