Mischa Barton Looks Lovely in Lingerie

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bill-swift - September 16, 2009

Mischa Barton may be batshit crazy, but she's still hot (as is generally the case), and she proves it in her new movie, Homecoming (which like all other Mischa Barton movies has gone straight to DVD). Sadly, there's no we don't get to see Mischa Barton naked, as we've come to expect from her crappy attempts at a film career, but at least we ge some very nice shots of Mischa Barton in lingerie, and what is one hell of a push-up bra. Anyway, since I'm never going to actually pay to see a Mischa Barton movie in the theatre (as I'm sure you wouldn't either), it really is that much more convenient that all her crappy movies go straight to DVD.