Mischa Barton and her Doggy Bag

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bill-swift - April 17, 2006

While stupid baby names may be the most annoying celebrity trend, I think the second most annoying is celebrities and their tiny dogs. Especially when they carry around those dogs in thousand-dollar handbags, as exemplified by Mischa Barton toting her puppy in a Louis Vuitton bag (that even looks like it has it's own doggy-door).

Seriously, do you really need to carry your tiny, yet-to-be-house-trained puppy in a bag that costs as much as the gross national product of most developing countries? Is money so fleeting to you that you don't care if twelve Vietnamese children slaved for days to make your bag, just so your dog can take a crap in it?

Celebrities should need permits for everything. Otherwise they're going to keep doing stupid things like carrying dogs in expensive handbags, naming babies Moses, and joining the Church of Scientology.

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