Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Kelly Brook is Bustiest of Them All

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Mitch Jablonski - October 17, 2019

Kelly Brook truly is the gift that keeps on giving, thanks to her absolutely busty look that never goes out of fashion. It's always great to see Kelly Brook out and about, flaunting her fantastic cleavage, and reminding us of how much we missed it since the last time we laid eyes on those massive beauties. She's like a breaking news alert you're actually excited to hear more about.

I'm not sure what Kelly Brook is up to these days, but it's clear she hasn't lost a step since her heyday. She's definitely going above and beyond to make sure that we take notice, and it certainly seems to have worked because Kelly Brook is about all I can think about right now. There's no other thought on my mind at the moment beyond Kelly Brook, and if that's not me being in the moment, I don't know what else is.

So if you ask your mirror mirror on the wall who's the bustiest of them all, you're sure to be shown one of these pictures of Kelly Brook. By the by, where did you get a magic mirror? They sell those things wholesale or what is it?

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency