Miranda Lambert Denim Cutoffs With Stockings

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michael-garcia - August 9, 2016

Singer Miranda Lambert gave her fans a thrill in some cut-off denim shorts and fishnet stockings combo at one of her shows. Miranda has got a killer pair of legs. Her thighs are the stuff dreams are made of. I wouldn't mind getting to know them better, even if it meant I had to listen to a bunch of modern country music. Some sacrifices are worth making, especially with someone as gorgeous as Miranda. The combination of a pair of fishnets and cut-offs is pretty amazing. It's like two great tastes that go even better together. Her booty looks spectacular in those shorts. I bet you she really knows how to move that butt. I don't know that for a fact but it's a hunch.

Miranda should wear short shorts and stockings all the time. Maybe she could launch a new fashion trend and all the hotties in America will follow her lead. Or at least most.  


Photo Credit: Splash