Miranda Lambert Bikini Stripes A-Hoy Hottie in Honolulu

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bill-swift - September 24, 2014

Miranda Lambert is looking good. I couldn't be happier if I lost the weight myself. And you couldn't be happier because why the hell do you care if I look good in a bikini in Hawaii. Miranda on the other hand, a nice country sextastic singer who is now down to beach exhibition weight and showing off every inch of her hard restraint.

I think Miranda herself was the first to admit she got a little too thick around the midsection there for a little while. It's surely nice to ogle her now that she's delighting in her own body as well. It's almost like we're on the same page, even though we're actually hiding in the bushes and making little guttural grunts. I'd like to think she has a little inner smile knowing the ogling gentlemen are once again sizing her up for the evening REM sleep feast. Enjoy.