Miranda Kerr Wonderbra, Wonder Everything, I Wish It Were Legal to Eat Her

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bill-swift - January 23, 2015

Miranda Kerr simply won't quit pimping the bras. They call them Wonderbras. Which I think is simply any bra Miranda Kerr wears. As in, I wonder if she knows every man in the world is imagining her taking it off as she steps slowly toward them and tells them she hasn't been tickled properly in ages. Maybe that's just me, but I bet it's you too.

Miranda Kerr's career has suffered little since leaving Victoria's Secret. She hardly seems bereft of lingerie companies desperate to move their merch by way of her uber-sextastic appeals. There were rumors she was difficult to work with, which I'm not sure really are relevant to one of the world's hottest women. So what. Say, yes, Ms. Kerr, anything you want Ms. Kerr, and you'll be fine. I'm doing that right now just looking at her photos. If she threw her cell phone at me I'd only be more in love. Hurt me, Miranda. Starting with that Wonderbra. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Wonderbra