Miranda Kerr Super Chesty Delights In Plunging Swimsuit

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bill-swift - July 9, 2015

I must admit I don't follow TrendsHealth magazine too closely, only because I'm neither trend or healthy, with little desire to change either currently. But if you start putting Miranda Kerr on the cover of any magazine, I'm going to start paying attention. I'd read a feminist dentistry pamphlet if Miranda Kerr was the centerfold. I say that freely knowing it will never happen.

I kind of lust the photo where Miranda seems to be biting and smelling her own hair. I would like to do that for her, if she would allow me. Never bite a model's hair without first asking permission. I can't tell you how many jams that's got me into over the years. Maybe just a nibble. Miranda, I am rather defenseless against that plunging cleavetastic. I chew when I'm startled or inspired. Or both in this case. Just so blessedly hot. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: TrendsHealth