Miranda Kerr Sextastic Full Strip Down for Harper’s

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bill-swift - December 10, 2015

Miranda Kerr Sextastic Strip Down
Miranda Kerr Sextastic Strip Down

Talk about coming back in a big way. Miranda Kerr is definitely on some kind of work sabbatical of late. She's working, but at about 10-percent of previous year's performances, which is nice for her and her relaxation, but what about us, the gentleman oglers who count on her uber-sextastic peekaboos for our own sense of well being?

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Miranda answers those needs in a couple new photos in Harper's Bazaar Australia where she strips down to her birthday suit, albeit in a tortured twisty pose, to remind us all that the best aspect of fashion is when the clothes have all gone missing. Miranda, we miss you so. You wouldn't just abandon your child, don't forsake the millions of men who count on your ridiculously hot body to keep us nourished, especially warm in these cool winter months. Okay, it's eighty-degrees here in L.A. Still, the cockles ever need warming. Excellent cockle warming in these hot pics. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar Australia