Miranda Kerr Near Cleavage Greatness Still Winds Up Making Us Smile

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bill-swift - July 13, 2012

We do so lust Miranda Kerrthat even a hint of her apples showing in The Big Apple makes us red in the cheeks.

The passion-inducing MILF was strutting down the streets of New York, beating the heat by wearing an open topped dress that was simply not quite open enough (but we'll get there) and making us wonder just how many gentleman oglers cranked their necks in perfect timing with her at their three o'clock or nine o'clock to catch a glimpse inside her dress.

Personally, I'd be wearing a convalescent neck brace this morning has I walked by Miranda yesterday, but gawking is not just my hobby, it's my life. And with Miranda Kerr, there would be some damaged vertebrae.  Enjoy.