Miranda Kerr Models Some Tasty Swimsuits

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michael-garcia - September 6, 2016

Unbelievably gorgeous professional hot person Miranda Kerr modeled a line of choice swimsuits for Bond. Of all the models currently lighting up the world with their smiles, hotness, and jugs, I think that just as far as looks go Miranda is the prettiest. She's got a face like an angel and the body of a sex demon. You see said body in all its glory in these pics. She's slender but she's curvy where she needs to be. She's got a rack on her that most women would sell their eggs to have. What I wouldn't give for an evening alone with those bad boys. Hell, what I wouldn't give for 5 minute in the back of a Mazda with them. Though I will probably never have the pleasure, I can still enjoy looking at her sexy body in pictures. It will have to do...for now.

It's always a treat when Miranda's pictures come across our desk here at Egotastic. Although all the women we cover are super hot, Miranda is in a category all her own. 


Photo Credit: Bond Swimsuits

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