Miranda Kerr Lingerie Pictures Set a New Standard in Silken Sextastic

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bill-swift - January 1, 2013

Why not celebrate the lingerie hotness of Miranda Kerron the final day of 2012, she's really helped to make this year one of the hottest on record. In fact, she's done that for the past few years now, both pre and post baby, just getting more and more amazingly alluring as time passes.

In her latest catalogue set for Victoria's Secret, Miranda Kerr shows why she's one of the highest paid lingerie models in the world, not to mention somebody I pay untold fortunes to each evening in my sleep just for the chance to snap her bra strap. Hey, we all got our subconscious fetishes to work out as we slumber. But just look at Miranda in her bra and panties and tell me you don't want to snap off something yourself. Powerful is the sextastic force within Miranda. Enjoy.