Miranda Kerr Kicks Off Pre-Oscar Party Season By Doing Nothing More Than Looking Hot

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bill-swift - February 22, 2013

The Oscars are upon us. The biggest award ceremony also marks the end of Award Season in Hollywood, or, as we like to call it, the Tinsel Town Ginormous Circle Jerk and Back Patting Season. Either way, it officially ends this Sunday evening with the Oscars, which means that Hollywood and all the corporate sponsors go crazy big party blowout around this annual mega-event. That includes the Award Show itself, but also the tons o' pre-parties and after-parties surrounding the handing out of the trophies to crying, babbling film industry workers.

And why not kick off the very first Oscar pre-party with Miranda Kerr, at the Global Green or Green Global or It's Not Easy Being Green something or other party last night in Hollywood. Miranda Kerr represents the tremendous silver lining in a weekend full of watching thespianics from the Silver Linings Playbook waxing poetic about their craft. That is, the bevy of decked out and show-off hotties that will be circled, encircled, and all-around exhibiting their semi-circular parts over the next 72 hours or so. It's always a fun ride. And if you can avoid the 47 minutes speech from the Bulgarian dude who inevitably wins for Best Animated Short FIlm, it can be worthwhile as well. Enjoy.

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