Miranda Kerr Goes Old School Brooklyn Hottie for Harper’s Bazaar

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bill-swift - March 16, 2012

When the super-genetically talented Miranda Kerr opens herself up to cosplay, I must admit, Harper's Bazaar magazine's choice of old school 1950's wife from the N.Y. borough is not the first place my mind starts to race. I mean, Desperate Outlaw, Stranded Astronaut, and Proctologists Assistant all come to mind well before the demure, but sexy, big-haired get-up of an old school hot mom from the block. But with Miranda Kerr, there is absolutely no way to go not-hot. It's like making distinctions between different kinds of precious gold jewelry. Melt them down, they're still precious metals.

Dress Miranda Kerr up any way you like, or, better yet, undress her any way we like, it's all so very good.