Miranda Kerr Flashes Her Cleavage for Parisian Shopping Trip

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bill-swift - October 1, 2013

Since some folks are selling during Paris Fashion Week, some folks must be buying. Which is of little consequence to us here, except when that somebody happens to be Miranda Kerr in a low cut dress, rummaging about the expensive boutiques of Paris because, well, because that is what women with means do. Somebody has to buy a thousand dollar skirt. It's not going to be me. I'd buy a thousand dollar Super Bowl ticket maybe if my team ever made it, but I'll surely not be wearing a skirt at the game (pre-game drinking waives all ability to keep this promise).

Miranda Kerr is not just a sextastic seller of clothes, she's a hot looking shopper. I'd love to accompany her on one of her trips so I can stare at her sweet top in between making excuses about how I left my AmEx black card back at the Four Seasons. Oh, we would giggle. And she would kick me in the shins. But it'd all be worth it. Enjoy.