Miranda Kerr Can’t Stop Looking Hot, Day or Night, Clothes, No Clothes, Bikinis, Gowns

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bill-swift - February 1, 2012

Okay, yes, so I'm infatuated with Miranda Kerr. So when we saw her at the AACTA Awards evening presentation down in Sydney, after her quick change out of bikini photoshoots by day, well, I just had to share. Yes, she's wearing far too much clothing, but she's still so steamy sextastic I just wanted to share my excitement at discovering that on occasion even the Neanderthal men among us can appreciate a fine woman all dolled up for some award show we've never heard of and only care about because we can imagine knocking boots with Miranda in an alley behind the building.

Oh, Miranda, you own my heart and my loins, if I had a second set of either, you could have those too. It's time to drop this charade with your purse-holding husband and come back to the man cave where we will make the many babies. Enjoy.