Miranda Kerr Bikini Topping Sydney Harbor With Pure Hotness

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bill-swift - February 1, 2012

This kid Bilbo Levy back in my middle school, not the sharpest tool in the shed, he'd been held back a couple or three years, you know, that kid in middle school with the full blown mustache  Well, one recess I went into the empty shop class to grab the 'I Heart Beer' hat I left behind the day before only to find Bilbo Levy, his drawers down, his yak sack stuck square between a table mounted vise he was tightening slowly but most definitely assuredly. I asked Bilbo what the hell he was doing and he turned to me and said something I'll never forget, 'You never ask another man what's the what with his nuts'.

Bilbo Levy was wise behind his remedial academic years; I thought of him today as I viewed these Miranda Kerr bikini pictures candidly catching the uber-hottie on a photoshoot out in Sydney Harbor and felt like a bolt of lust lightning had struck me due north of taint-town. Yes, that's an overshare, but to prove a larger point.

Miranda Kerr just out and about drives a man to craziness, but throw in some candid bikini top photos of the uber-sexy Aussie and it's more than a feeling, it's an overwhelming desire to jet out to Sydney Harbor and insist mightily that you be the next baby daddy up off the bench.

You never ask another man what's the what with his nuts. Enjoy.