Miranda Kerr Bikini Candids Makes Us Damn Jealous of a Nanny

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bill-swift - February 10, 2012

Yep, that's Miranda Kerr in a green bikini relaxing Down Under, and, yep, that's her all-too hot-bikini bodied nanny adjusting Miranda's bikini bottom for her.

Are we really so shameful as to be jealous of a nanny merely because she gets to wiggle her fingers in between Miranda Kerr's bikini bottom and her bare butt cheeks? Hell yeah we are. Those should've been our digits de-wedgifying the taut rump of one of the hottest women on the planet. I mean, we did apply for the nanny job not twice but thrice, and probably would've got it too were it not for certain Internet background check 'irregularities'. 

Nevertheless, once we get past our petty jealousy, we get to behold these long-distance, but wonderfully captured shots of our be-lusted Miranda Kerr, poolside, in her bikini, flashing the MILF-madness body that forces us to imagine giving her a brief, but sharp spanking, for being ever so teasy (okay, so maybe I'm not really properly psychologically fit to be a nanny after all). Enjoy.