Is Minka Kelly The World’s Sexiest Woman?

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bill-swift - October 12, 2010

Here's how you know a girl is super hot: when you mention her name, universally, everybody mentions her boyfriend's name followed by, 'lucky bastard!' In this case, the amazingly sexy, Minka Kelly, and Derek Jeter, lucky bastard. How hot is Minka Kelly? Well, this month's Esquire is touting Minka Kelly as 'The Sexiest Woman Alive' for 2010. Is this some bold exaggeration? An unfounded hyperbole? Or, perhaps, an accurate statement giving due to perhaps the world's most under-recognized super hottie? I'll say this, Esquire magazine certainly makes the case for their claim with this sextastic photospread of Minka Kelly that is all kinds of ridiculous. That body has no sharp edges but still makes me say 'ouch' just ogling it. Still, I'm withholding my judgement on this Sexiest Woman claim until I see more evidence, specifically, the all over naked kind of evidence. Enjoy.