Minka Kelly Revels in Her World’s Sexiest Woman Glow

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bill-swift - December 28, 2010

Well, personally, I think it's pretty silly to label any woman, no matter how hot, to be the world's sexiest woman. But, Esquire did in 2010 and while the sextastic Friday Night Lights cheerleader Minka Kelly is definitely worthy of the conversation, the superlative game seems to be an end without a purpose. There are so many sexy celebrities to be reasonably considered, what's the point of even making such a claim? Is there one best dessert? One best sports car? Only one 'finest' cigar? Of course, I'd give up sweets, cars, and cigars, for one night of playing Doctor with Minka Kelly as seen in these simple, but super hot Andy McPherson photos. Still, sexiest? Well, everybody's entitled to their own opinion. Enjoy.