Minka Kelly May Be Boring, But Her Booty In Blessed Stretch Pants Earns Her Our Affections

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bill-swift - September 10, 2013

There's nothing wrong with being boring in and of itself. Minka Kelly doesn't seem to hurt anybody in her boringness, and, in fact, during some of her various trips out to the nail salon, handbag shopping, hair salons, dog grooming, or various other jaunts that fill her week, she often gives us gentleman oglers a little something something of a visual trip of still one of the finer women in town. And, no, her booty in stretch pants. That's not boring. That's the opposite of boring. That's unboring badonkadonk.

A tight tank top doesn't hurt either. Maybe Minka will never reveal her fuller self to us, maybe she will never fully smile or show much expression of any kind, but a tight two-packed seat makes up for so much on a sextastic woman. We'll let Minka's arse do the talking. Enjoy.