Minka Kelly Don’t Need No Bra

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bill-swift - June 12, 2015

Minka Kelly may simply be the most boring celebrity in the universe. The known universe, until that Hawking bastard discovers more. We've been watching her sweet goodness for years now and she just never seems to be doing much. Which is boring. Also, absolute perfection when done without a bra and the addition of some of Tinsel Town's most secretly stellar pokies.

C'mon now, did you really think I was going to judge Minka for spending her days shopping and getting her hair done and walking dogs too small to be called dogs? Nay. She's perfect. Okay, that voice. Wait, forget it all. Focus on the high beams, Bill.. Keep your eyes on the prizes. That's it. We're back to pure goodness. Marry me, Minka, then divorce me after the honeymoon. I'll sign the pre-nup with my tears of happy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/Splash