Minka Kelly Chesty Leaving Salon In Beverly Hills

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bill-swift - April 29, 2016

As you know, Minka Kelly is the most boring celebrity in the sextastic celebrity universe. It was Nicky Hilton until she got knocked up, which inherently made her less less interesting than Minka Kelly. It's not necessarily a great honor, but you have to be hot just to be considered, so I suppose there's a compliment in there on the global level.

Minka and her mounds of happy fun part were spotted leaving a salon in Beverly Hills. Minka is usually out either buying pet supplies or visiting the salon to pass her days, and she doesn't like to garner too much public attention, but when you have a body like Minka's you can't bring yourself to contain it's passion inducing properties. That would just be mean. So Minka showed off an ample amount of bosom, reminding us about this good looking thespianic that no matter how boring I say she is, none of you would really give half a damn. As it should be. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash