Minka Kelly Bubble Butt Booty Workout

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earl-jonas - October 11, 2017


When I think of Minka Kelly I don't necessarily picture a beyond bounce-tastic bubble butt, so either I've just been missing out, or Kelly has been hitting the gym majorly recently. The latter would certainly seem to be the case with this new Insta workout clip, in which Kelly dons tight yoga pants that perfectly highlight maj bun action as she goes about her exercises. I call this move above the "lower yourself onto my face please." 

The thirty-seven-year-old Kelly really could have been a blip on the celebrity radar - especially since seventy percent of the world still thinks she's just Leighton Meester after a cup of coffee - but Kelly just kept on showing off her sexy bod on television and Instagram, and people kept tuning in. Now, a half-decade after the end of her most famous role on Friday Night Lights, we're still checking out her goods. Never stop showing off your stinka Minka.


Photo Credit: Instagram

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