Minka Kelly and Ashley Tisdale In Post Salon Blow-Out Hotness Battle

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bill-swift - February 3, 2012

Hotness, thy name is the hair salon.

By way of disclosure, let me first say that I have never ever paid more than $12 in my life for a haircut and I'm not afraid to use coupons. And that the person who usually cuts my hair does not speak my language, nor do I speak her language, but, for a woman born with two left hands, literally, she does not do a terrible job. My time in 'salons' is brief, urgent, and somewhat like walking through the haunted house of your neighbor who thinks that jumping out from behind a doorway and screaming is somehow frighteningly ghoulish.

But you know who does look hot after leaving the slightly more expensive salon? Well, last night it was Minka Kelly and Ashley Tisdale, two women who make the gentleman oglers give up an involuntary and completely anatomically natural 21-gun salute during even the most inauspicious of occasions. Both these girls names appear in my hope chest as I can not but dream of hopefully seeing their chests, bare as are my feelings toward these two hotties.

And, no, I don't necessarily want a girlfriend who spends more on her hair than I do on my rent, car, and food each month, but when they look like Minka and Ashley, well, just be real, you'd sell your left grape and your grandma just for one night of unbridled motel room passion letting. Enjoy.