Mini Anden Lingerie Pictures for the Perfect Swedish Lift

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bill-swift - August 29, 2012

We kind of fell in lust with Mini Anden a couple years ago as she and her hotness started to make appearances in English language films, most notably The Mechanic where the Swedish model got sweaty and topless.

Now, she's back and she's pushing support the Twilift support bra. We have mixed feelings about bras here at Egotastic!, especially support bras. While we certainly dig big, bold cleavage, we like to think there are more human type support mechanisms for the lovely chest puppies of our favorite sextastic celebrities beyond mere woven fabrics. I know I can hold at least two at any given time, and I don't need an underwire.

So, yes, big ups to the super fine looking Mini Anden. But let's take off those brassieres ladies, time for another fire circle. Enjoy.