Mini Anden Drops the Swedish Sexy Bomb at Mechanic Premiere

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bill-swift - January 27, 2011

Say hello to Mini Anden, Swedish transplant to L.A., whose face you may recognize from a million and one TV show cameos of the past few years, and host of Sweden's Next Top Model program, and who you're going to be seeing in the upcoming assassin movie, The Mechanic, and, who, oh by the way is all kinds of Svenske hot. She really stole the show at last night's film premiere for the movie starring Jason Statham in the reprise of a role first made famous by Charles Bronson back in the early 70's. Mini Anden is all kinds of leggy and Nordic and hot and if we don't get to see her nekkid very shortly, I'm going to protest by stopping my DVD purchases from Swedish Erotica at Volume 82. I'm quite serious. Enjoy.

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Oh, almost forgot, Mini Anden is also a Victoria's Secret and other brand lingerie smoking hot model, as in these sexy silky pictures for Cubus lingerie. Uff-da!