Milla Jovovich Bikini Pictures For Some Hot Mommy Hawaiian New Year Goodness

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bill-swift - January 3, 2013

While time and mommyhood have taken some toll on our long-standing veteran model and actress hottie Milla Jovovich, our lust for the sci-fi movie bad-arse princess still runs deep, and even deeper so on days we get to see her in a white bikini on the beaches of Hawaii.

Granted, the mom-sized bikini covers up much of the petite sized Milla, but we can use our imaginations to add some more skin, maybe a gun, some clips, some grenades, and a whole lot of end-of-the-world type sexual desire whenever we ogle Milla. For those of you who dig au natural beauty, check out Milla Jovovich and see if you don't feel some unnatural reactions coming on when Milla MILF prances across the sandy shores of the 50th state. Enjoy.

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