MILFtastic Jessica Alba Leads Cast of Hotties Dolled Up for Ralph Lauren Event

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bill-swift - October 26, 2011

When Oprah hosts an event, you can count on sextastic female celebrity invites. Let's face it, Oprah knows hot tail. So when the Big O put on some fancy shindig to honor Ralph Lauren who I guess deserves honoring for inventing Polo for Men, which at least provides a clear marker for identifying dudes you shouldn't be friends with that much easier, well, the list of hotties was deep.

Led by the returned-to-former hotness glory, Jessica Alba and her newly engorged mama boobs, the event also featured the ogle-worthiness of Camilla Belle, who you only see like once a month, but also looks amazing, V.S. model Lily Aldridge who occasionally takes breaks from banging that dude from Kings of Leon to get all formally hot, Uma Thurman, who like Lily we hardly see these days, but was flashing her still fine body, and Naomi Watts, another veteran hottie gone mostly underground these days, but just blows me away with her sexiness whenever she hits the town (we even added some extra pictures of Naomi headed to tape Jimmy Fallon the day of, because, well just because she's looking great). Enjoy.