Miley Cyrus Cameltoe Pictures Bring Down The House

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bill-swift - May 31, 2010

Don't check me on this, but I've always found Miley Cyrus to be a precocious, talented teen performer. Granted, she sings with the voice of a 60-year old, chain smoker anchored to the end of a low-rent casino's Texas Hold'em table. Still, she rocks the body. Yeah, I said it, she's sexy. Enough of this She Was Just 17 nonsense. Miley Cyrus is now clearly selling her nice booty for, well, big booty. The girls at St. Anthony of the Miraculous Tears never dressed like this. Miley Cyrus cameltoe pictures taken at her European rock concert over the holiday weekend display the finer selling points of this young music star. And, yes, it's okay to look.

And, after a quick change of outfits: