Miley Cyrus Unplugged in a Bikini With a Horse and Madonna

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bill-swift - January 31, 2014

I must admit. I probably won't be adding Miley Cyrus with her horse and Madonna to my MTV Unplugged collection next to Nirvana and Eric Clapton. I could change my mind someday, but I'm going to guess not. Nevertheless, the world's most popular pop star took to the stage on Sunset Blvd. for a recording with MTV for their long-running, previously sort of musically-respected Unplugged series.

She definitely put on a show. It was memorable. There was skin. Along with a whole bunch of cowboy and country music twangs that made sense to somebody somewhere. I recommend looking. I can't necessarily recommend the listen. Art is really in the eye of the beholder, sort of like the sextastic. Enjoy.