Miley Cyrus Tummy Flashing Working Out (Hot) But Parking Handicapped (Not So Hot)

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bill-swift - March 22, 2012

Before we even get started, let's come to an agreement that the Miley Cyrus back shlump and spastic dance moves do not constitute the need for a disabled parking privileges. Not to mention, she doesn't have the placard, so that seems rather moot. And Miley is hardly the only celebrity to take advantage of the blue parking spaces. Just to name a few numbskulls, we've seen the Kardashians do it before. But that right there says a whole bunch.

Nevertheless, the little gravelly voiced diva is working to get her body fit and toned, for which we approve and will most definitely ogle. There's always something interesting to see when it comes to Miley, she's a show girl for certain. So, Miley, drink, smoke, fool around, get nekkid on camera, we're all good with all of that, just save the disabled parking spaces for those that really need it, please. Enjoy.