Miley Cyrus Short Shorts for the Late Night Win (Yep, Even More Miley Fashion Tips!)

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bill-swift - October 2, 2010

Hey, weren't we just talking about Miley Cyrus nipple pokes? Indeed, Miley Cyrus is the starlet that just keeps on giving. Miley has taken the jean short shorts to an entirely new level of universality. No longer just for the woodland pond hangout or the summer kegger, Miley can make the Daisy Dukes appropriate for any occasion; match it with a tiny top and you're the haute couture drunken looking sexy celeb at Voyeur Nightclub. (Hey, wait, aren't you still just seventeen?) I think a do-over is called for with Milan Fashion Week -- Miley Cyrus fashion justice must be served. Enjoy.

(P.S. Those legs! Wait, just seventeen...that personality!)

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