Miley Cyrus Said Liam Hemsworth Has “Good Dick Game”

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Sam Robeson - December 19, 2018


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2018 will be known as the year we learned way too much about celebs' genitals. Or possibly, not enough. Sure we know that Pete Davidson - and now Liam Hemsworth - have big penises (or at least that their significant others want us to think they do) but what about the testicles? And the grundle? Who doesn't love a man with a meaty taint. And guuurls you better spill about those buttholes. 2019 better be about buttholes.

Anyway Miley Cyrus for some reason felt the need to comment on the Instagram post from some account called sourpsycho, above. The viral af post states:

No man has all 5

Before listing out:

good dick game


a height above 5’9

no hoes

common sense

Cyrus disagrees that this dream man isn't out there. Because she's dating him. Sorry ladies, this good-dicked empathic non-short zero hoe-having commoner is all taken. Cyrus commented in reference to her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth:

Mine does! Don’t give up!

The fact that a multi-millionaire has enough time to comment on Insta clickbait garbage is beyond. I'd say that she should be creating music instead of combing through the Dark Web, but truthfully this is a more merciful use of her time. Have fun with your big penis Miley.


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