Miley Cyrus Returns to Make Beautiful Music in Her Fishnets and Sexy Boots

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bill-swift - June 30, 2012

Back on American soil after visting her future ex-husband's homeland of Australia, Miley Cyrus headed back to the recording studios in Burbank yesterday to create much more of her gravel-voiced popstick music, which will make the little girls who consume her auto-tuned dance sing-a-longs quite happy, and for us ogling gents, a chance to see her fine little form back in fishnets and boots strutting the boulevard around the place where she makes her audible magic.

Like it or not, Miley is a true American treasure. A homegrown minx who embodies much that the U.S.A. has to offer -- stardom, exhibition, popular music, and a whole lot of skin. Enjoy.